Commonplace Book

This page is a collection of things I have on my mind, sketches, rough drafts, items from the trash bin, cherished work, unformed clay, and a selection of the finest links I have to make a public-facing Commonplace Link Book (Don't confuse this with Atrus' works.) The current version of Squarespace doesn't permit me to add a comment module to the page, but that may change in the future.

Brilliant(?) Ideas!

  • Big-Brother-style interface for determining the status of labs.
  • Subscribe-able ITS Podcasts in iTunes.  
    • Tips, tricks, lectures, interviews, troubleshooting, meet ITS members, commentary(?)
    • Video and audio 
    • Example:
  • Dorm Troopers
  • ITS tabling in student center/cafeteria
    • Extension of the help desk
    • Can have fun little games there too like Geek spoof on Jeopardy, Wheel of Geek
  • User/ITS videos

Revolutionizing and Expanding the Hamilton web presence

  • Significantly enhance Distance learning
    • It's like auditing a class
    • All lectures available online (Home-brew YouTube.  Flash, medium-quality)
    • Built-in chat client so users can communicate, chat.  Can be monitored, reviewed by teacher.
    • All through a web portal.
    • For a nominal fee, have access to special events.  Live streaming with feedback, comments.
    • Provide a virtual environment for people to chat.  Second Life with a classroom-style environment and a video in the front of the professor's chat.
      • Can schedule these "presentations," make scheduling reminders on Twitter, Professor can "sit in."  Makes it possible to still have collaboration, "traditional" classroom environment.  
      • Other users can participate in text-only or audio-only fashion.  Avatar placed in room to simulate their presence.  Text to speech will maintain illusion of complete virtual presence.
  • Enhance communications on webpage
    • Floating bar that enables users to post comments on each web page.
    • Enhance communications potential for group web pages.
      • built-in chat
      • Post 12 second videos.
      • Live feedback and comments on newspostings and events.
    • Have a Twitter-like server for instantaneous communication.  Hashtags assigned like listservs.  People can talk instantaneously.
  • How?
    • Open-source freelance web developers.  
      • Web team will analyze final code and participate in ongoing development from a managerial perspective, learn how they did it in and out so we have full control.
      • Build all software on Linux/Free BSD/Solaris (?) so we can get away from Windows environment.