A Running Breakthrough!

I just finished my first full Ease into 5K session and I LOVED IT. I know I have a tendency of getting super-excited about many things (I'm sure you all exclaimed "Nah..." when you read that) but this was a particularly rewarding experience.

Background: I've never been a runner. In fact, I've looked with envy many a time upon people who can destroy treadmills for hours or run an Iron Man without breaking a sweat (I exaggerate.) Whenever I've run on the treadmill, I've considered it an accomplishment to run a mile in a decent (?) amount of time without collapsing into a heap, thereafter congratulating myself like a fifth-grader getting a diploma for finishing elementary school.

With some trepidation, I booted up Ease into 5K and just followed its directions. Before I knew it, I had traversed more than two miles, worked out for about thirty minutes, had a great sweat, felt like I had DONE something (as a Racquetball player, I know when I'm working and when I'm just idling,) and, most importantly, have now started looking forward to the next run! With the kind of structure this app instantiates, I feel like I'll finally have the guidance I need to get to a point where I can actually run 5K a day and enjoy it. I can actually visualize being one of those people running for a while on the treadmill! I've never felt this way before.

With repetition and commitment, I think I can form a habit. With this habit, I think I can actually become a runner. And with running, I think I can actually become pretty healthy for once. There's more to it than that (Diet, etc.), but I feel this is a big piece of the puzzle.