Disney shutters LucasArts Studios!

This is sad, but not unexpected, news. LucasArts made some of my favorite 1990s games: "The Secret of Monkey Island" made me fall in love with adventure games, "Full Throttle" turned me into a motorcycle and metal dilettante, "Day of the Tentacle" almost made me asphyxiate because of laughter, "The Dig" and "Loom" began a lifelong interest in videogame music in addition to delivering great sci-fi stories, "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis" put me in Indy's boots (now literally!) for a great adventure equaled only by "Last Crusade," "X-Wing" and "TIE Fighter" were unparallelled experiences, and "Grim Fandango" was a swan song to the great genre of adventure gaming.

Thanks for being such a integral part of my formative years, LucasArts developers: I'm forever indebted to you for giving me a love of videogaming. I am a better person because of your art.

Thankfully, LucasArts alumni have embarked on extraordinary new enterprises: Tim Schafer's revolutionary Kickstarter-funded adventure game (!) is, for example, a proverbial Phoenix in my gaming life; And many LucasArts developers have migrated to TellTale Games, where they are developing innovative games like the widely acclaimed "Walking Dead" episodic series.

And the gaming ecosystem has never been richer: independent developers and major studios are creating phenomenal works of art that are highly engaging and entertaining. Recent obsessions of mine? "FTL," "Journey," and "X-COM: Enemy Unknown." It's a good time to rock the QWERTY and mouse.

Oh, and next year is the year of "THE LONGEST JOURNEY!"

R.I.P. Gold Guy. (And Sierra Online while I'm here.)

Interwebz: Tell me about the games that mean the most to you!

Update: Rock, Paper, Shotgun has published a beautiful eulogy.

R.I.P. Gold Guy...

R.I.P. Gold Guy...