David Malki ! On Having Ideas and Making Things

David Malki !, who recently raised more than $500,000 dollars (and blew past ALL stretch goals, funny and serious) for his exciting new card game Machine of Death: The Game of Creative Assassination, just posted a video reflection on the process that profoundly moved me. Here is a distillation of three minutes of joyous, empowered speech: "I think a lot of things in my life that have proven to be significant have come about because I took some sort of a risk... If I have any piece of advice or authority as a guy who just somehow raised a half-million dollars, it is to say: To Do Stuff, to put stuff out there, to not let yourself get wrapped up in what this could be or should be as long as it's something you're confident in or you feel like is an honest expression of yourself personally--that's good enough."