New Site!

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my newly redesigned site! Give it the white glove inspection; it will pass muster. The impetus for this move was the launch of Squarespace 6, a new version of the brilliant CMS on which I've been happily hosting my site for the last few years. Details of the redesign are available on the site itself, but the front end has been extensively overhauled (thanks, injection of Series A funding!) and it's easier than ever to make a beautiful, functional site that places all emphasis on content generation rather than building and manipulating the framework on which the content is hung.

Content generation  is the direction in which I've meant to go for some time. Over the years, I've repeatedly attempted to build my own server; figure out DNS, DHCP, sendmail, CSS, BBS(!) Software, and lots of other archaic stuff; and bring this massive conglomeration online whilst tackling a gigantic learning curve. I will probably return to the effort someday, but that effort was distracting from kind of practice/work I really need to do: generate content. All of the administration stuff I had to grapple with on my old Squarespace site made me want to never use it, so this new, simple, beautiful, user-friendly interface will make matters better.

I intend to write more frequently because I need to become a better writer. I think I have a good command of the language, but I need to find my voice; I need to create a body of work that is accessible by the public, is added to regularly, and that reflects the thoughts that, hopefully mostly heretofore, bounced around solely inside my head before flying away into the aether.

Not that I mind their departure--if they are good, they will be back. Elizabeth Gilbert delivered a great TED talk on Creativity during which she related her effort to consciously, deliberately, vocally communicate with her Muse and being gentle with whatever information it gave her. So many people struggle to instantiate creativity--wringing water from stone, so to speak--and choke it off prematurely by desperately desiring it and freaking out when it doesn't happen, which is, ironically, creativity poison. Among many other conditions, Creativity emerges from a relaxed state, so I've decided to be satisfied with the conscious and relaxed decision to give a voice to whatever appears upstairs hence and not bemoan that which I've lost. I'm sure the thoughts will come back to visit and I'll chronicle our conversation when they do.

One lesson from this post: shorter entries will help me post more often. And concision creates clarity (alliteration FTW!) And I eliminated about twenty vestigial words from this post before publishing it. Good lessons.