A Text Visualization Experiment

Axe has produced a singular and creative commercial that has inspired me to create a thought experiment. Give this a shot if you're game! (Relax: I've been given the go-ahead by an IRB) (Apologies to my friends who are not attracted to women.)

Read this text and enlist as much of your imagination as you can to visualize it:

I remember her.
Not a girl, but the girl.
The brains behind the all-time top-ten comic book vixens only wish they could conjure a Siren the likes of Susan Glenn.

Beneath my feet, my own private Earthquake registered an 8 when Susan Glenn was near.
In her presence, all that was beautiful before she arrived turned grotesque.
And in her shadow, others became goblinesque.

If she approached, Susan Glenn didn't walk, she floated, accompanied by pyrotechnic spectacles that left me feeling a foot tall.

She embodied every desirable quality I'd ever wanted.
In my mind, I was a peasant before a queen.

And so Susan Glenn and I were never a thing.
If I could do it again, I would do it differently.

Now watch this video and compare your visualization with Axe's video.