An IT Futurist goes to Grad School

A new post!

I had grandiose ambitions to update this blog more frequently but vacation, life, and preparations to take my first graduate course directed my energies elsewhere. Fortunately, that ultimate effort is what brings me back to the blogosphere. You may be surprised to see this: I'm preparing for an Information and Library Science class. Not an Instructional Technology class, an LIS class.

Why? Well...

In the last few months, I've been exploring information science, visualizations, developing multiple literacies, pedagogy, instructional design, experimental classroom environments, inverted classroom theory, informed learning frameworks, copyright, and collection building. I have also had opportunities to work ever-more-closely with librarians under the aegis of HILLGroup and other library/IT partnerships. In fact, during our recent strategic planning process I have found that I admire their mission and perspectives. In many ways, I have always considered myself a fellow information monger with a different focus. When I factor all of this with my inability to not be interested in everything, exploring librarianship seems like an almost inevitable decision. Coincidentally, several colleagues predict that Library and IT departments will increasingly entwine in the very near future. That vision excites me.

How to explore?

As it turns out, the iSchool at Syracuse University (a forty-minute drive from my apartment!) has a fantastic, highly-regarded Library and Information Science program. After reading descriptions of several courses, I became giddy as a schoolboy at the prospect of exploring librarianship in a formal way. I haven't matriculated, but I will take IST 511, the gateway course for the MLIS degree, in less than a week! This "About Me" blog post is one required exercise of many that I must complete in preparation for the course. I will be adding several posts to this space about a variety of topics and will be posting tweets (IST 511 Twitter feed) regularly. Stay tuned! There is much to learn in the next few weeks!