Links du jour--1/9/2010

  1. The New York Times lists 31 places to visit in 2010.  Where will you go?  I for one plan on this being a largely domestic year.  I've seen a number of states while traveling as a kid but I've always wanted to take a few road trips through the U.S.  Now that I have my motorcycle, I plan on going to Americaid at Lake George in June and hopefully taking one or two major trips through the Southwest and Northeast while the weather is nice.
  2. From Texts from Last Night:
    1. (760): I can handle NPR. I speak hippie. I took it in college.
    2. (804): I just made what I can safely estimate to be a 900 calorie pb&j. Fuck a serving size.
    3. (605): We played Russian Roulette with a revolving Nerf gun. If you shot yourself in the face, you had to drink.
    4. (612): You text me last night that you invented a new food. Cheese-less grilled cheese. Congrats, you made toast.
    5. (918): And we started making out. She asked me to pick a number between 1 and 10. I said 6. She took me to her room. A few minutes later I wasnt a virgin. DUDE I WAS GOING TO SAY 2.
  3. From Epic Win FTW, an IKEA hack:

I remember playing Donkey Kong on the Game Boy back in the late 90s.  I tried playing the actual arcade version and gave up, frustrated, within minutes.  Only four levels!  The port had like 9 worlds with dozens of themed levels and new abilities at each stage.  Much more satisfying and an example of what a port aimed at improving on the original ought to be.  

Another port similar in execution and efficacy is Infinity Gene, the spiritual successor to Space Invaders on the iPhone.  Well worth the price and one of my favorite games on the iPhone.