Links du jour - 011010

Today's links du jour is brought to you by binary code: "Why is One always hanging out with that Zero?"  Enjoy folks!  There'll only be a few more binary dates--last one on November 11th--for another century!  Hey, if you know any website that'll let you be around until then, post it in your own links du jour!

  1. (0)In blatant defiance of Mother Nature and Reason, hundreds of people rode the New York City subway naked today.  The stunt "is organized by Improv Everywhere, a group that says its mission is to cause 'scenes of chaos and joy in public places.'" Haven't these people ever heard of syphilis, hep-c, or warts?  Though, I suppose this is the brute-force method of inoculation those people employed to prepare for the apocalypse that is 2012.  Bravo to them, though: They braved genital-threatening subzero temperatures, NYC subway rats, withering stares, and the usual hecklers vying for coin.  All in the name of performance art.  See, that shit wouldn't fly in Utica, NY.
  2. (1)In hygiene-related news, if you ever worried that your Netflixed copy of "Bolt" (awesome movie!) might be lousy with germs or Heiny virus because it passed through the grubby hands of millions of adoring children before reaching your absurdly-high-def player, fear not:  Netflix movies have been ok'd for cleanliness by microscoped-equipped scientists.
  3. (10)Speaking of your fellow Netflixing man, check out this cool interactive map that shows the prevalence of certain titles from Netflix in queues and displayed by neighborhood.  Nice article, New York Times!
  4. (11)If you, like I, thought the new Star Trek movie was a gift from the gods flown down from Kobol by an angel-winged J.J. Abrams, there's good news: the next Star Trek movie is slated to be released in 2012.  Everyone should thank their appropriate deity that Gene Roddenberry and J.J. Abrams single-handedly saved us all from a Mayan-prophesized doom.
  5. (100)Reader interaction item: What was your first car ride?
  6. (101)Google Street View is an amazing resource.  I've used it to guide people walking in cities in real time, check out the sketchiness factor of a hotel almost 4000 miles away, and imagine life outside cubicle walls.  Many have attempted to take advantage of being immortalized in picture form and have proposed (wedding 2.0) to their loved ones, demonstrated for their cause, or re-enacted movie scenes.  Here is a collection of some of the best WINs, FAILs, and WTFs of Google Street View.
  7. (110)Speaking of Google, Phillip Lenssen offers a Philip K. Dick-esque dystopian technofuturist view of a future Earth completely dominated by Google.  This--especially the part where computers and OSs are just called "Google"--sent chills up my spine.  Still wasn't enough to make me use Microsoft's Bing.  Some, like NITLE's Bryan Alexander, believe that the tea leaves show an impending cagefight between Apple and Google.  Tough to know who I'd support...  Would you guys rather own a Mac or iPhone or use Google?
  8. (111)Contrary to future popular belief, Google wasn't the first entity to create a computer.  Nor was it Charles Babbage as many of you might suspect.  No, it was the ancient Greeks and the device--recently unearthed--is called the Antikytheria Mechanism.  The WAY COOLNESS factor of this can't be overstated.  Put differently, the article suggests "it's like unearthing a Buick that was used and buried in Medieval Europe."  Even though the Antikytheria mechanism--sounds like Star Trek technobabble--could perform revolutionary tasks like calculating the Metonic cycle to predict eclipses bythe Moon before people even knew it had an elliptical orbit.  Unbelievable.
  9. (1000)Now for something a little more light-hearted, from Texts From Last Night: 
    1. (720): Apparently you can pet anything in the petting zoo except the children. Lesson learned 
    2. (585): okay so using the row boat as a giant snow sled probably wasn't the best idea
    3. (205): just found a sign outside my brothers door "not going to church, don't even try" and he is covered is vomit in his bed.